Learn Electronics for Beginners

Created on: 25 March 2021

How to learn electronics by building circuits for beginners. Easy and simple electronics course with step-by-step lessons. This article gives a quick overview of the electronics course for beginners.

The best way to learn electronics, or to start electronics as a hobby, is to start building circuits. You do not need to know how the circuits work or what the parts do at first. By building circuits, you will learn about different electronic parts and components, as well as about basic tools and electronic principles.

How Electronics is Taught in this Course

This basic electronics course consists of a series of tutorials and articles that teach electronics to beginners. A device called a solderless electronic breadboard is used, as shown in the following image. A breadboard allows easy assembly and disassembly of electronic circuits.

Learn Electronics by using an Electronic Breadboard

Learn Electronics by using an Electronic Breadboard

In this course, a solderless electronic breadboard is referred to as an electronic breadboard, or simply as a breadboard.

Using an Electronic Breadboard

Electronic parts are used and reused to build different circuits on a breadboard. In this course circuits are built by plugging parts into a breadboard and joining them using connecting wires.

The following image shows a simple breadboard circuit. The circuit consists of a battery for power, resistor, LED and jumper wires.

A Simple Electronic Breadboard Circuit

A Simple Electronic Breadboard Circuit

Learn Electronics with Arduino

This course teaches building basic electronic circuits powered from a battery or other low voltage DC power supply. In addition to basic circuits, the Arduino microcontroller platform is also covered. No modern electronics course is complete without teaching the basics of microcontrollers.

Get Ready to Learn Electronics

This article is a very basic introduction on how this course teaches electronics. To learn more, follow each part of the course in order.

Some tools and electronic components are needed to follow this course. The next few articles explain which tools and parts you need, and how to use them. After teaching some basics of building electronic circuits, several tutorials follow that show how to build various different circuits.

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