Reed Switch

Created on: 30 July 2012

A reed switch is a magnetically operated switch – moving a magnet near to the switch will cause it to close (if it has normally open contacts). A picture of a reed switch is shown below.

A reed switch
An Example of a Reed Switch

The switch contacts of a reed switch are sealed in an airtight glass tube.

Reed Switch Alarm Sensors

Reed switches are commonly found in alarm sensors that detect when a door or window is opened. An image of a reed switch used in an alarm system is shown below.

A reed switch alarm sensor with magnet
Reed Switch Alarm Sensor with Magnet

The reed switch alarm sensor is simply a reed switch packaged in a plastic case with an accompanying magnet packaged in a plastic case. The inside of the reed switch alarm sensor can be seen below.

Inside a reed switch alarm sensor
Inside View of a Reed Switch Alarm Sensor