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Amontec Documents and Software

Created on: 26 April 2015

This page has been set up to provide documentation and software for Amontec products such as the Amontec JTAGkey and the Chameleon POD.

Amontec was a company that sold JTAG hardware devices and was located at but has since disappeared with no official notice of the reason for closing and only an abandoned Facebook page to be found. The actual website has gone off-line and at the date of this writing has been off-line for many months.

We have to assume that Amontec has closed and is not opening again which can be frustrating for users of Amontec products who may need to access the documentation and software. Hence the need for this page.

Amontec JTAGkey

The JTAGkey is based on the FTDIChip FT2232L, is a USB 2.0 device and is used for:

  • On-Chip Debugging
  • In-System Programming
  • Boundary-Scan Testing
Amontec JTAGkey

The JTAGkey2 is fully compatible with the JTAGkey, but is four to six times faster.

JTAGkey Documentation

JTAGkey JTAG Pinout

JTAG pinout document:
amontec_jtagkey_flyer_pinout.pdf (380kB)

JTAGkey FT2232 Map

Shows which FT2232 pins map to which JTAG connector pins:
amontec_jtagkey_flyer_ft2232_map.pdf (453.8kB)

JTAGkey Logical Diagram

The logical diagram contains JTAGkey JTAG pin buffering:
amontec_jtagkey_flyer_diagram.pdf (379.2kB)


Shows the meaning of each of the three LEDS:
amontec_jtagkey_flyer_leds.pdf (376kB)

JTAGkey Flying Lead Cable Pinout

Flying lead pinout document:
amt_ann010.pdf (3.4MB)

JTAGkey Software

JTAGkey Drivers for Windows

Windows driver: (885.8kB)

Windows driver installation application note:
amt_ann006.pdf (519kB)

JTAGkey Drivers for Linux

Linux driver:
amontec_jtagkey_utils_060517_setup.tar.gz (112.2kB)

Linux driver installation application note:
amt_ann007.pdf (138.5kB)

JTAGkey Windows Demo Software

Windows demo software:
amontec_jtagkey_demo_060307_setup.exe (552.2kB)

The Windows demo software has the following features:

  • View the status of the on-board LEDs (a timer updates LED statuses)
  • Play with TRST_N and SRST_N signals
  • Select the frequency of the JTAG port (from 6Mhz downto ~0Hz)
  • Enter the internal loop-back mode of the FT2232
  • Move the JTAG TAP controller in any stable state
  • View the state of the JTAG TAP controller
  • Scan and check the instruction registers (IR)
  • Scan and check the Data Registers (DR)
  • View and store any actions in a Text Memo

JTAGkey SVF Player for Windows 32 and 64 Bit

SVF player Windows software: (152kB)

SVF player software is used to:

  • Upload Altera, Atmel, Cypress, Lattice, Xilinx FPGA / CPLD with SVF files.
  • Upload AVR processor Serial Vector Format File.
  • Run SVF files for custom Boundary Scan board tests.

SVF Player test file:
chm_appl_test_led_blink_prog_check.svf (120.2kB)

The above SVF file is used to blink the red LED on the Amontec Chameleon POD using the following command:

amontec-jtagkey-svfplayer.exe -svfFile "../svffiles/chm_appl_test_led_blink_prog.svf" -h -pause

Chameleon POD

The Chameleon POD is a parallel port reconfigurable dongle based on the Xilinx Coolrunner (XPLA3) XCR3128XL. It can be used to emulate BDM / JTAG, ISP, I2C, etc.

Amontec Chameleon POD

Chameleon POD Documentation

Chameleon POD specification:
amt_chm_specification.pdf (318.7kB)

Chameleon POD Software

Parallel Port Driver

Parallel port driver software:
amt_parallelport_driver_setup.exe (470.4kB)

Chameleon Programmer

Chameleon programmer software:
Amontec_ChameleonProgrammer_Setup_1.0.exe (1.8MB)

Configuration Files

Original RAVEN JTAG Emulator:
chm_d_raven_jtag_full_speed.amtsvf (47.6kB)

Amontec RAVEN JTAG Emulator with RTCK Feature for all ARM7-S and ARM9-S series:
chm_d_raven_jtag_rtck.amtsvf (47.6kB)

Chameleon POD .ucf Constraint File

Constraint file:
generic.ucf (6.5kB)

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