Installing Arduino Software and Drivers on Windows 7

Created on: 6 November 2012

Step-by-step instructions on how to download and install the Arduino software for Windows. How to install the drivers for an Arduino Uno on Windows 7 and then load a sketch to test the installation.

Download and Install the Arduino Software

1. Download

Go to the Arduino website and click the download link to go to the download page. On the download page, click the Windows link to download the Arduino software for Windows as shown below.

Downloading the Arduino software
Downloading the Arduino Software

2. Install

After downloading, locate the downloaded file on the computer and extract the folder from the downloaded zipped file. Copy the folder to a suitable place such as your desktop.

The downloaded Arduino software
Locate the Arduino Software after Downloading

Install the Arduino Windows Drivers

1. Plug the Arduino Into the PC

Plug the Arduino board into the PC. Windows will try to install drivers, but will fail.

2. Start the Windows Device Manager

Click the Windows Start menu button.

Right-click Computer on the menu and then click Properties from the pop-up menu:

Opening the System Window from which the Device Manager can be Launched
Opening the System Window from which the Device Manager can be Launched

Click the Device Manager link to start the device manager:

Starting the Windows Device Manager
Starting the Windows Device Manager

The Device Manager will open and display the Arduino Uno:

The Device Manager window
The Device Manager Window

3. Install the Device Driver

In the Device Manager Window, right-click the Arduino board and then click Update Driver Software... on the pop-up menu:

Starting the driver installation
Starting the Driver Installation

The Update Driver Software dialog box will pop up. Click Browse my computer for driver software:

Updating the driver software
Install Driver Software Manually

Next, click the Browse... button:

Click the Browse... button
Click the Browse... Button to Navigate to the Drivers

Navigate to the drivers folder in the Arduino folder that you downloaded:

Navigate to the drivers folder
Navigate to the drivers Folder

After selecting the driver folder, click the Next button:

Click the Next button
Click the Next Button

In the dialog box that pops up, click Install this driver software anyway:

Install the driver software
Install the Driver Software

After some time, the driver installation will finish and you will see the following dialog box. Take note of the port that the Arduino was configured as. In this case it was COM3.

Driver installation complete
Installation Completed

4. Setting up the Arduino Software

The setup will only need to be done once, unless you change the board type or port that the Arduino is connected to.

Navigate to the folder that you downloaded and start the Arduino software IDE by double-clicking the Arduino application:

Starting the Arduino Software
Starting the Arduino IDE

Check that the correct Arduino board is selected. Change if necessary:

Check that the correct Arduino board is selected
Check that the Correct Arduino Board is Selected

Now check that the correct serial port is selected and change if necessary. This is the serial port that you took note of after installing the Arduino driver.

Selecting the Arduino serial port
Selecting the Computer Serial Port that the Arduino is Attached To

5. Testing the Installation

Open the Blink sketch in the Arduino IDE:

Opening the Blink sketch
Opening the Blink Sketch

Click the Arduino Upload button to load the sketch to the Arduino. This sketch will flash the on-board LED on the Arduino. If the sketch runs then you know that you have successfully installed the Arduino software and driver.

Uploading the Arduino Blink sketch
Uploading the Blink Sketch to Test the Arduino