Connecting a Buzzer to an Arduino Uno

Created on: 3 September 2012

How to connect a buzzer to an Arduino Uno. If a buzzer operates from a low enough voltage and draws low enough current, it can be interfaced directly to an Arduino Uno pin.

The buzzer used in this example can operate from a voltage between 3 to 28V and draws only 4mA of current at 12V. When the current drawn by the buzzer was measured at 5V, it was found that it only drew about 1.1mA which is well within the drive capability of an Arduino Uno pin.

Arduino Uno Buzzer Circuit Diagram

In this circuit, the positive lead of the buzzer is connected to pin 13 of the Arduino, the negative lead of the buzzer is connected to GND.

Arduino Uno buzzer circuit diagram
Arduino Uno Buzzer Circuit Diagram

Arduino Buzzer Sketch

The Blink Arduino example program can be used to test the circuit. This is a program that is built into the Arduino IDE and can be found under File → Examples → 1.Basics → Blink

The Blink sketch will switch the buzzer on and off continuously.

Buzzer Details

The buzzer used in this article has the part number KPEG260 and the RS Components stock number: 535-8275, the brand is Kingstate.

This is a piezo buzzer that has built in circuitry that produces the audible buzzer tone. A plain piezo disk will not work in this circuit as it does not have any circuitry to drive it, although an Arduino sketch could be written to drive a piezo disk that is connected to an Arduino pin.