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Arduino Manual for Uno and MEGA

Created on: 3 September 2021

Get an Arduino Manual for the Arduino Uno and Arduino MEGA 2560 that covers all of the hardware and firmware on these boards. The Ultimate Arduino Uno Hardware Manual and Ultimate Arduino MEGA 2560 Hardware Manual cover all aspects of these Arduino boards in detail.

Brief Overview of these Two Manual Books

Get all the information that you need on the hardware and firmware found on Arduino Uno and Arduino MEGA 2560 boards in these handy full color reference and user guides. Ideal for the workbench or desktop. Everyone from beginners to advanced users will benefit from these easy to use guides. Available as printed books and PDF downloads.

Ultimate Arduino Uno Hardware Manual

The Ultimate Arduino Uno Hardware Manual is a reference and user guide for the Arduino Uno hardware and firmware that provides up-to-date information for the popular Arduino Uno open-source electronics platform.

Arduino Manual for the Arduino Uno

Arduino Manual for the Arduino Uno

This book contains all of the Arduino Uno hardware information in one place for the Arduino Uno revision 3 (R3) and earlier revision boards. It includes hardware technical specifications with explanations, pin reference and interfacing examples, fault finding and repair procedures, and mechanical dimensions. In addition it explains how to back up and restore firmware on the board. This includes the optiboot bootloader, DFU bootloader, and operational firmware on the ATmega16U2 chip.

A chapter on the power supply simplifies the power supply circuit diagram and explains it. Find the Arduino Uno circuit diagram or schematic in this book, as well as a parts list and a board layout reference to easily locate components.

Books that may interest you:

C Programming with Arduino Book Ultimate Arduino MEGA 2560 Hardware Manual Ultimage Arduino Uno Hardware Manual

Ultimate Arduino MEGA 2560 Hardware Manual

The Ultimate Arduino MEGA 2560 Hardware Manual is a full color manual providing up-to-date hardware information for the Arduino MEGA 2560 open-source electronics platform.

Arduino Manual for the Arduino MEGA 2560

Arduino Manual for the Arduino MEGA 2560

The Ultimate Arduino MEGA 2560 Hardware Manual contains everything that the Ultimate Arduino Uno hardware manual has, but for the MEGA 2560 board. In addition it has a chapter on shield compatibility that explains how shields work across different Arduino boards.

Where to Buy the Arduino Manuals

Both manuals are available in print and PDF format from Elektor. Choose your preferred format from the list below.

More on the Contents of Each Arduino Manual

The manuals start with a thorough overview of the specific Arduino board. This overview includes how to extend the hardware of each board or model, information on firmware on each board, safety and handling, and a short history of each model. First time use and basic testing of the boards is also part of chapter 1. Chapters cover the following topics:

  1. A detailed overview, as described above
  2. Detailed hardware technical information
  3. Pin reference and interfacing
  4. The power supply in detail
  5. Firmware and bootloader
  6. Circuit diagram and components
  7. Fault finding and measurement
  8. Mechanical dimensions and other measurements

Preview of Each Arduino Manual

Click a link below to preview each book. Find the full introduction chapter, and the first couple of pages for each of the other chapters at each link.

Go to a preview of the manual for the Arduino Uno.

Go to a preview of the manual for the Arduino MEGA 2560.

About Arduino

Arduino is the easy to use open-source electronics platform used by hobbyists, makers, hackers, experimenters, educators and professionals.

The Arduino website is at

Find more information on the Arduino Uno and the Arduino MEGA 2560 boards.

Why Buy these Arduino Manuals?

There are four main reasons to buy these books besides just wanting a handy reference manual for the Arduino Uno and Arduino MEGA 2560 hardware and firmware for use on the workbench. A discussion of each reason follows.

1) All the Hardware Information in One Place

Information about Arduino Uno and Arduino MEGA 2560 hardware is spread out over many pages and websites. Having all of the hardware information in one place, in these concise guides, is convenient and a time saver. This is especially true for new Arduino users who may not even know what to look for when getting familiar with Arduino hardware, for example, how to extend the hardware, how to add external data memory, how to connect hardware to Arduino pins in current sinking and current sourcing configuration.

Practical information is includes such as:

  • How to replace the main microcontroller
  • Which firmware to load to a new microcontroller
  • Other settings to change for a new microcontroller to work

In addition, these manuals have detailed hardware technical information, a pin reference chapter, basic interfacing information, a power reference chapter, information on all firmware programs loaded on an Arduino Uno and Arduino MEGA 2560, the circuit diagram and component list, fault finding and testing steps, as well as hardware mechanical dimensions and measurements.

2) Integrity of Information

Information on the internet about Arduino or any other subject may or may not be technically correct. Discerning which information is correct and which is incorrect is a problem, especially for those users who are new to electronics. Even hardware specifications from Arduino themselves are often badly specified or even incorrectly specified. This manual provides hardware information on the Arduino Uno that has been carefully checked and verified to be correct.

3) Presentation of Information

Each topic or subject in these books is broken down into smaller parts. Each part is carefully explained and described. Numerous illustrations and figures are included for easier understanding of explanations and for quick and easy reference.

4) Information Not Available Elsewhere

These books contains some information that is not available online, or is hard to find. They also offers unique views and illustrations of the hardware that reveal some interesting aspects of the hardware that is not obvious when looking at the circuit diagram or other sources of information.

Target Audience

These manuals have been written for anyone interested in the Arduino Uno and Arduino MEGA 2560 who would like easy to use hardware references, including hobbyists, makers, experimenters, teachers, students, and professionals such as electronic engineers.

Arduino Manual Prerequisites

It is assumed that the readers of these manuals have at least used an Arduino on a basic level and have some basic knowledge of electronics. This is not a book that explains the basics of electronics, but assumes that the reader already has the knowledge to understand terms such as voltage and current, and knows what electronic components such as resistors and transistors are. Those readers who do not have this basic knowledge must at least be willing to learn, by using additional resources, be it via the internet or by using other books on the subject.