Making a Stripboard Circuit

Created on: 9 August 2012

Permanent circuits can be built on stripboard by soldering components to it. This avoids the need to design a printed circuit board (PCB).

The images that follow show a 555 LED Flasher breadboard circuit built on stripboard.

Before Building the Circuit

Cut the stripboard to size. Get the parts and circuit diagram ready. If needed, plan the stripboard circuit on paper.

Planning to build a stripboard circuit - the circuit diagram and parts
Planning a Stripboard Circuit using a Circuit Diagram and Parts

The Finished Circuit

The completed 555 LED flasher stripboard circuit:

The finished 555 LED flasher stripboard circuit
555 LED Flasher Circuit Built on Stripboard

A closer view of the stripboard circuit:

Close-up view of the stripboard circuit
Top View of Stripboard Circuit

Bottom view of the striboard circuit:

Bottom view of the stripboard circuit
Bottom View of Stripboard Circuit