List of Electronics Hobby Magazines

Created on: 29 November 2012

This is a list of electronics magazines that are currently available in print and possibly available in PDF or other electronic format. These magazines also contain electronics projects with circuit diagrams and parts list.

Elektor Electronics Magazine

Elektor ( is an electronics magazine that is available in print and electronic formats. It is a truly international magazine and is printed in several languages.

Elektor also publish books, have a PCB service and sell kits for projects published in the magazine. Back-issues of the magazine are available for purchase in electronic format on DVD.

A separate Elektor Magazine website ( contains magazine articles and subscription downloads.

Elektor magazine front cover
Front Cover of an Elektor Magazine

Practical Electronics Magazine

Practical Electronics is an electronics hobbyist magazine from the UK. They also offer a PCB service that supplies PCBs for the projects in the magazine.

The magazine is available in electronic format and back issues can be bought on CD.

Nuts and Volts Magazine

Nuts & Volts ( is an electronics hobbyist magazine printed in the USA.

Circuit Cellar Magazine

Circuit Cellar ( is an embedded electronics magazine from the USA.

Silicon Chip Magazine

Silicon Chip ( is an electronics magazine printed in Australia.